Forest Therapy Practitioner Training in Spain 24-27 September 2020


Language: Spanish

A requirement of attendance at the Forest Therapy Practitioner Training is you have either applied for the current FTI Forest Bathing Training offerings, attended a Certified Forest Bathing Guide FTI Training or a Certified Forest Bathing or Therapy Training with another FTI recognised Training organization. Have you applied or attended either training ?

Sanillés ​ Eco-Park & Thermal Spa,  in the Spanish Pyrenees Range Moumtains

4 days Immersion from 24-27 September 2020
Forest Therapy Practice Ends: 27 December 2020

Language: spanish

Forest Therapy Training is 960 Euros for the 3-month period. The cost does not include travel, accommodations or meals.
The Certified Forest Therapy Practitioner Training is for those who wish to build further on their Forest Bathing expertise or previous Forest Therapy Training.
It offers expertise and guidance on how to move Forest Bathing from a wellness based and preventative practice to a treatment intervention and rehabilitation support for specific populations.
At the FTI Forest Therapy continuous professional development programme you will:

  • Receive a tool kit to integrate Forest Therapy treatment and rehabilitation practice into the health care system
  • Integrating new skills to develop your life and career path.
  • Learn about the clinical applications of forest therapy for specific populations.

Please, note that in order to be accepted on this training it is required that you have a previous Certification on Forest Bathing, Shinrin-Yoku or Forest Therapy with an organization validated by the FTI.


The pathway of the Forest Therapy trainings and certification works as following:

The first step 4 day intensive immersion. Immediately following this you begin your mandatory 3 months Mentored Practice. This is home based. After the 3 months you will receive your certification, once you have met the requirements for a competent guide. This final Mentored Practice will enable you to integrate your learning into your work practice.

FTI – Certified Forest Therapy Practitioner (Continuous Professional Development)

4 days immersive training + 3 months Mentored Practice = Certification

It is a requirement of the certification that you complete First Aid Training” or “Wilderness First Aid Training” as part of your mentored practice. This is not included on the Forest Therapy Training Fee

1)4 days immersion that consists of a combination of experiential and classroom style specific for Forest Therapy training path where you will learn:

  • Workplace stress reduction and wellness programmes.
  • Designing Forest Therapy Interventions.
  • Guiding skills and considerations.
  • Working with Clinical Populations.

2)Mentored Practice: the immersion is followed by a 3 month Mentored Practice to integrate the immersion learnings where you will be:

  • Paired with a local mentor that will support your journey.
  • Attending a series of monthly calls with colleagues and mentor.

With the Forest Therapy training, you will be able to:

  • Work with specific populations.
  • Demonstrate strong standards, ethics and professional body recognition.
  • Form partnerships with organizations.
  • Work collaboratively with healthcare professionals to develop social/green prescriptions.
  • Develop Forest Therapy Interventions with a specific framework and engage in research.
  • Establish multi day Nature Based Workplace Wellness Programmes.

Sanillés ​ Eco-Park & Thermal Spa,  in the Spanish Pyrenees, just 2 hours from Barcelona. Only one mile from the village and main road, Sanillés is a place with exceptional attributes. Sanillés has a Mediterranean climate averaging 300 days of sunshine per year and is at an altitude of 3500 feet. .

Sanilles is a former spa hotel being renovated, and meanwhile managed by an Association of Friends of Sanilles. We do not operate as a commercial hotel residence and therefore ask for a membership certificate and disclaimer to be signed by all guests. There is no fee for this.

All meals are included in the daily rates listed below. Rooms are limited and booked on a first come first served basis. All rates quoted are per night.  The Double Occupancy room is a shared room and you will be booked with a roommate.
​€80/per night/per person – Single occupancy with private bath
€65/per night/per person – Double-shared room with private bath for room

Accommodation is booked with the venue by contacting Frank:

Telf:  (+34) 636 840 488


The address is:
Sanillés, Carretera de Llés
Llés de Cerdanya

Three daily meals focusing on fresh organic ingredients and nutritional combinations are included in the nightly cost of all accommodation options including camping. When booking lodging please inform the resort staff about any food intolerance’s or preferences

Sanillé   in the Pyrenees – close to Andorra, about 2 – 2.5 hours’ drive from Barcelona.

The nearest town is Martinet:

We recommend driving or bus as the closest train station is 20km away. Please use the rideshare where at all possible.To get there by Bus: Buses going from Barcelona to Martinet can be booked here:

IMPORTANT: Once you arrive in Martinet, call anyone you know on site and collection can be arranged.