Forest Therapy Practitioner Training · CHILE · 10-12 Apr 2020


  • USD: 1,103$

Language: Spanish

Attendance of this training has the following requirement: you have either applied for or attended a current FTI Forest Bathing Guide training; or you have attended a Forest Bathing Guide or Forest Therapy training with another, FTI recognized organization. Have you applied for or attended any such training?


Viña del Mar Botanical Garden, Valparaíso, Chile

3 days immersion: 10-12 April 2020
Forest Therapy practice ends: 12 July 2020

Language: Spanish

The Certified Forest Therapy Practitioner Training costs 960 € for the 3-month period. Travel, accommodation, meals or other expenses are not included.

This training is for those who wish to build further on their Forest Bathing expertise or previous Forest Therapy training. It offers expertise and guidance on how to move Forest Bathing from a wellness-based and preventative practice to a treatment intervention and rehabilitation support for specific populations.

With the FTI Forest Therapy Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme you will:

  • Receive a tool kit to integrate Forest Therapy treatment and rehabilitation practice into the health care system.
  • Integrate new skills to develop your life and career path.
  • Learn about the clinical applications of forest therapy for specific populations.

Please, note that in order to be accepted on this training it is required that you have a previous certification on Forest Bathing, Shinrin-Yoku or Forest Therapy with an organization validated by the FTI.