Forest Bathing Guide Training in Portugal 2-7 March 2020


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Translation: Portuguese

Mata do Bussaco, Luso – Portugal

6 days Immersion 2 – 7 March 2020)
Forest Bathing Practice Ends: 7 June 2020

Forest Bathing Guide Training is 1960 Euros for the 3-month period. The cost does not include travel, accommodations or meals

The Certified Forest Bathing Guide Training is suitable for people working in the area of ecotourism or health tourism. It is suitable for those who wish to offer Forest Bathing as a wellness practice, Spa activity or in combination with other wellness practices such as yoga, mindfulness and coaching, among others

The Forest Bathing Training establishes a strong base for the those who wish to attend the CPD in Forest Therapy for treatment, intervention and rehabilitation.

The Forest Therapy institute 5×5-model training is inspired by our love for the land, the richness of our specific ancient traditions, cultures and our specific social and environmental context. All programmes are adapted to the specific culture and environmental context where the training take place.

Based on a scientific supported framework and the latest international research, at the FTI Forest Bathing 5×5-model training you will:

  • Enhance your awareness of your relationship with nature that supports your healing, meaning and purpose;
  • Equip you with a specific framework to guide forest bathing walks and experiences
  • Provide you with a tool kit to integrate Forest Bathing wellness practiceinto the health care system;
  • Integrating new skills to develop your life and career path.

The pathway of the Forest Bathing and training and certification works as following:

The first step is a 6 day intensive immersion. Immediately following this you begin your mandatory 3 months Mentored Practice. This is home based. After the 3 months Mentored Practice once you fulfill the requirements for a competent guide you will receive your certification. This final Mentored Practice will enable you to integrate your learning into your work practice.

FTI- Certified Forest Bathing Guide: 6 day intensive + 3 months Mentored Practice = Certification

It is a requirement of the certification that you complete First Aid Training” or “Wilderness First Aid Training” as part of your mentored practise.

1) 6 days immersion that consists of a combination of experiential and classroom style learning using the 5×5 model. The 5×5-model is the common framework that both paths share, where you will learn:

  • The Art of Guiding and Core Forest Bathing Techniques to guide your forest bathing walks/experiences.
  • The Science of Forest Bathing: the evidence based practice.
  • Embodied presence and working with the senses.
  • The Forest Bathing framework 5×5-model.
  • Trail selection criteria.
  • Cultural considerations and enhancing your relationship with the land.
  • Naturalist knowledge on your area.
  • Enhancing personal awareness of your relationship with nature.

2) Mentored Practice: the immersion is followed by a 3 months Mentored Practice to integrate the immersion learnings where you will be:

  • Paired with a local mentor that will support your journey.
  • Attending a series of monthly calls with colleagues and mentor.

With the Forest Bathing training, you will be able to:

  • Guide Forest Bathing walks and experiences.
  • Design Forest Bathing workshops.
  • Provide extended multi-day wellness and stress reduction experiences.
  • Demonstrate strong standards, ethics and professional body recognition.
  • Form partnerships with organisations.
    Integrate nature connection practices into your work.

The spa town of Luso is one of the greatest places that nature endowed our country.” In this village you can find the Mata do Bussaco, an ancient arboretum in the Central region of Portugal that is considered one of the best dendrological collections in Europe. The forest covers about 105 hectares and contains more than 250 trees and shrub species that grow in the forest, including exotic species introduced by Portuguese sailors. In 2004 Portugal proposed the Mata do Bussaco for UNESCO’s provisional list of World Heritage Sites.

The Gran Hotel de Luso was designed by Cassiano Branco Viriato, who is considered by many as the most inventive character of modernity, but also versatile of modern language and traditional style.

During the more than 70 years of history the hotel knew its remodeling incorporating also the new tendencies, an indoor pool and the access tunnel to the Termas de Luso, and with a reclassification of the hotel to four stars.

Type of accommodation and costs:

– Triple rooms (shared): 30 euros per person and night (breackfast included).
– Double rooms (shared): 40 euros per person and night (breackfast included).
– Double rooms for individual use: 65 euros per night (breackfast included).

Accommodation reservations are managed directly with the Gran Hotel Termas de Luso personel.

Telefono: +351 231 937 937

– Full board: ​30 euros per day.

Please let them know of any allergies or special requirements such as lactose or gluten free products.

Location: Luso is located in the Luso, in the Center of Portugal.
Google maps:
The nearest international airports are Oporto or Lisbon airports.
By Car: A1 > Saída Mealhada, direção Luso > EN 234 IP3 > Saída Luso > EN 235 IP3 > Saída Mortágua, direção Luso > EN 234
By Train: There is the possibility of arriving by train, you can check the different lines and schedules here:
By Bus: There is the possibility of arriving by bus, you can check the different lines and schedules here: For more information contact directly with the accommodation.

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