Forest Bathing Guide Training · FRANCE · 13-18 Jun 2021


Language: French

Monts d’Ardèche Regional Nature Park, France

6 days immersion: 13-18 June 2021
Forest Bathing practice ends: 4 September 2021

Language: French

The Certified Forest Bathing Guide Training costs € 1,960 for the 3-month period. Travel, accommodation, meals or other expenses are not included.

This training is suitable for those who wish to offer Forest Bathing as a wellness or therapeutic practice, or in combination with other wellness practices such as yoga, mindfulness and coaching, among others. It offers both wellness and therapeutic approaches.

The Forest Bathing Training establishes a strong base for those who wish to attend the CPD in Forest Therapy for treatment, intervention and rehabilitation.


France June 2021

Marta Ayats

Trainer & Mentor

    Jacques Gired

    Trainer & Mentor

      Ann Tilman

      Lead Trainer & Mentor

        Marta Ayats

        Trainer & Mentor

        Marta sees nature as a bond that connects people and civilizations. Has a large experience working on interpersonal relationships in different countries and has enriched her training as a nurse with Emotional Ecology, a concept based in the sustainable and creative management of emotions. She works at the community level and loves watching how nature, people and life relate to each other.

          Jacques Gired

          Trainer & Mentor

          Jacques has been guiding forest bathing walks for the last 3 years. He was the first guide in France to be certified. He offers walks to the general public and to various organisations for well-being purpose. He is now integrating forest therapy as well. He strongly believes that forest bathing is a powerful practice to restore an harmonious link between human being and nature. He is convinced that forest is most precious to human health and spirit, and beyond, to numerous living creatures, and life itself. Hence he sees his practice as a guide and trainer, as a contribution to both healing people, whether it is through well-being or more serious health issues, and the forest, in a reciprocity process.

            Ann Tilman

            Lead Trainer & Mentor

            Ann intertwines health, nature connection, team dynamics and leadership. As the founder of Foresterra, she cultivates participation, self-care and collective intelligence by facilitating awareness and transformative learning in natural settings. Mental health and psychosocial wellbeing have always been her main fields of interest as an HR-manager. Ann designs forest therapy workshops and programs for individuals, teams and organizations. Ann is specialized in organizational development, value creation and culture building. She is passionate about language and change, a keen yogi and qi gong practitioner and trained in mindfulness. To her, nature is a place for healing and personal growth.

              The Forest Therapy Institute 5×5 Model training is inspired by our love for the land, the richness of our specific ancient traditions and cultures and our social and environmental particular contexts. All programmes are adapted to the specific culture and environmental contexts where the training takes place. Based on a scientific supported framework and the latest international research, at the FTI Forest Bathing 5×5 Model training you will:

              • Enhance your awareness of your relationship with nature that supports your healing, meaning and purpose.
              • Be equipped with a specific framework to guide forest bathing walks and experiences.
              • Receive a tool kit to integrate Forest Bathing wellness practice into the health care system.
              • Integrate new skills to develop your life and career path.

              The first step of the pathway of the Forest Bathing Training and Certification is a 6-day intensive immersion on-site. Immediately following this, you begin your mandatory 3-month Mentored Practice, which is home-based. After this period, once you have met the requirements to be a competent guide, you will receive your certification. This final Mentored Practice will enable you to integrate your learning into your work practice.

              FTI · Certified Forest Bathing Guide:

              6 days of intensive immersion + 3 months of Mentored Practice = Certification

              It is a requirement of the certification that you complete a “First Aid Training” or “Wilderness First Aid Training”, as part of your mentored practice. This is not included in the training fee.

              1) 6-day immersion on-site consisting of a combination of experiential and classroom style learning using the 5×5 Model, which is the common framework that both paths share and where you will learn about:

              • Guiding Skills, Competencies and Techniques to guide your forest bathing walks/experiences.
              • FTI Method (Walk Structure & 5×5 Model).
              • Personal Nature Connection.
              • Ecoliteracy and Risk Management.
              • Senses & Embodiment Practices.
              • Forest Medicine, Science & Theory.
              • Group Dynamics.
              • Circle Work.
              • The Art of Language.
              • Combining Forest Bathing with other Practices.
              • Trail selection criteria.

              2) 3-month Mentored Practice, home-based, to integrate the immersion learning, where you will be:

              • Paired with a local mentor that will support your journey.
              • Attending a series of monthly calls with colleagues and mentor.

              With the Forest Bathing Training, you will be able to:

              • Guide Forest Bathing walks and experiences.
              • Design Forest Bathing workshops.
              • Provide extended multi-day wellness and stress reduction experiences.
              • Demonstrate strong standards, ethics and professional body recognition.
              • Form partnerships with organizations.
              • Integrate nature connection practices into your work.

              The training takes place in the Monts d’Ardèche Regional Nature Park. Drawing on its lifestyle, rich heritage, wide open spaces and famous gastronomy, the Ardèche has over time been revealed as an exceptional territory. This recognition led to the creation of the park in 2001.

              The park seems impregnated by the character of its inhabitants, who have had to cope with a rough but generous nature. The quality of the landscape testifies to this alliance between People and Nature: terraces, chestnut trees, water management through ingenious systems, hamlets grouped on the slopes, mills and the Fin Gras du Mézenc, a protected designation for a local cow-breeding tradition.

              A mid-mountain territory, the park is composed of a mosaic of landscapes either wild or shaped in terraces.

              From the southern valleys to the snow-capped Mézenc massif, the park’s natural riches as well as animal and plant species are numerous: otters, genets, golden eagles, lilies and wild tulips. The park is home to heritage treasures such as traditional beehives dug from chestnut tree trunks, old mills and farms with flagstone and thatch roofs.

              Forests can be found at all altitudes and cover sixty percent of the park’s surface, making it one of the most wooded in France. Coming from different origins, these natural environments today contribute to the richness of local biodiversity, especially the old forests.

              Domaine du Taillé is a zen type resort located at the heart of a private park of 100 hectares (247 acres) in Southern Ardèche. The whole site shows a perfect integration with the surrounding nature. This unspoilt place, specially tailored to greet alternative events is conducive to rest and revitalization.

              At the restaurant, Annie’s cooking is made of seasonal organic and local products.

              The buildings of this privileged site are exclusively built and renovated in natural materials: stone, wood, copper and hemp. The estate has received the EU Ecolabel.

              The ecologically treated natural bathing pond is at your disposal. The two dōjō located outside surrounded by greenery and hiking trails accessible from the estate, also participate in creating the ideal zen atmosphere.

              Prices per night (only full board available):

              • Single room (full board): 78 €/day
              • Individual Tipi (tent) (full board): 62 €/day
              • Shared bedroom (large tent ecochic for 3 people): 59 €/day

              All reservations must be made before the 14th of May. After this date, availability of accommodation cannot be guaranteed.

              Booking is made here. In case you need to enquire on a specific question, please contact:

              Included in the full board.


              By train:

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              • The bus service SNCF TER then connects “Valence TGV” station with Aubenas.
                • On this route, the closest bus stop to Domaine du Taillé is “Saint Étienne Boulogne Col d’Auriolles”, 1h45 away from “Valence TGV” station. Contact us to book a free shuttle from the bus stop or just tell us your schedule when making your reservation.
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              Forest Bathing Guide Training · FRANCE · 13-18 Jun 2021