Forest Bathing Guide Training in Brazil 30 March – 4 April 2020


Language: Portuguese.

Translation to: English

Ilha Grande, Brazil

6 days Immersion 30 March – 4 April 2020
Forest Bathing Practice Ends: 4 July 2020

Language: Portuguese.

Translation to: English

Forest Bathing Guide Training is 1960 Euros for the 3-month period. The cost does not include travel, accommodations or meals

The Certified Forest Bathing Guide Training is suitable for people working in the area of ecotourism or health tourism. It is suitable for those who wish to offer Forest Bathing as a wellness practice, Spa activity or in combination with other wellness practices such as yoga, mindfulness and coaching, among others

The Forest Bathing Training establishes a strong base for the those who wish to attend the CPD in Forest Therapy for treatment, intervention and rehabilitation.

The Forest Therapy institute 5×5-model training is inspired by our love for the land, the richness of our specific ancient traditions, cultures and our specific social and environmental context. All programmes are adapted to the specific culture and environmental context where the training take place.

Based on a scientific supported framework and the latest international research, at the FTI Forest Bathing 5×5-model training you will:

  • Enhance your awareness of your relationship with nature that supports your healing, meaning and purpose;
  • Equip you with a specific framework to guide forest bathing walks and experiences
  • Provide you with a tool kit to integrate Forest Bathing wellness practiceinto the health care system;
  • Integrating new skills to develop your life and career path.

The pathway of the Forest Bathing and training and certification works as following:

The first step is a 6 day intensive immersion. Immediately following this you begin your mandatory 3 months Mentored Practice. This is home based. After the 3 months Mentored Practice once you fulfill the requirements for a competent guide you will receive your certification. This final Mentored Practice will enable you to integrate your learning into your work practice.

FTI- Certified Forest Bathing Guide: 6 day intensive + 3 months Mentored Practice = Certification

It is a requirement of the certification that you complete First Aid Training” or “Wilderness First Aid Training” as part of your mentored practise.

1) 6 days immersion that consists of a combination of experiential and classroom style learning using the 5×5 model. The 5×5-model is the common framework that both paths share, where you will learn:

  • The Art of Guiding and Core Forest Bathing Techniques to guide your forest bathing walks/experiences.
  • The Science of Forest Bathing: the evidence based practice.
  • Embodied presence and working with the senses.
  • The Forest Bathing framework 5×5-model.
  • Trail selection criteria.
  • Cultural considerations and enhancing your relationship with the land.
  • Naturalist knowledge on your area.
  • Enhancing personal awareness of your relationship with nature.

2) Mentored Practice: the immersion is followed by a 3 months Mentored Practice to integrate the immersion learnings where you will be:

  • Paired with a local mentor that will support your journey.
  • Attending a series of monthly calls with colleagues and mentor.

With the Forest Bathing training, you will be able to:

  • Guide Forest Bathing walks and experiences.
  • Design Forest Bathing workshops.
  • Provide extended multi-day wellness and stress reduction experiences.
  • Demonstrate strong standards, ethics and professional body recognition.
  • Form partnerships with organisations.
    Integrate nature connection practices into your work.

Ilha Grande is an island located off the coast of Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil. The largest village on the island is called Vila do Abraão with approximately 1900 inhabitants.

The island, which is 193 km2 in area, is noted for its scenic beauty, unspoilt tropical beaches, luxuriant vegetation and rugged landscape. The highest point is the 1,031 m (3,383 ft) Pico da Pedra D’Água. Most of its territory is within the Ilha Grande State Park.

Bem Natural is defined by environmental conservation aiming the local sustainability land use, offering everyone an organic garden from own cultivation. We’re located just 100m from Araçatibinha, a beautiful pristine beach. You’ll find a family and cheerful atmosphere, surrounded by the natural environment. A perfect place for visitors seeking direct contact with mother nature.

Bem Natural was founded in 1989, at a time when soil cultivation was not carried out. Foods and drinks were stored in boxes in the shade due to lack of electricity. Bem Natural pioneered the implementation of sustainable practices in the region. A lot of work to keep the place preserved and have this desire to preserve to this day, always maintaining for its totally natural preservation.

Cost per person for accommodation incl. morning coffee:

  • Triple Shared Rooms Double Shared room: 134 reais night per person.
  • Shared room: 100 reais night per person
  • Camping 80 reais night per person

Accommodation reservations are managed directly with Bemnatural.

Contact Person: Leandro o Shane

Telephone: +55 24 99303-0376


Address: Praia de Araçatiba, Angra Dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Bemnatural has a restaurant with more than 78 different options.

Please let them know of any allergies or special requirements such as lactose or gluten free products.

Getting to Angra dos Reis?

The information cited are merely suggestive.

By car

São Paulo> Angra dos Reis

The best way from Sao Paulo is the Via Dutra to São José dos Campos, Tamoios to Caraguatatuba and Rio-Santos to the Condominium Porto Frade, km 523.

Always on the BR-101, you go through Trindade, Paraty, Tarituba, Mambucaba (Perequê), Brava Beach, Itaorna (nuclear power plant); A few kilometers ahead you will see the entrance to Angra dos Reis.

Rio de Janeiro> Angra dos Reis

Coming from Rio de Janeiro, just follow to the end of Av. Brazil. At the end of it, at the time of the Santa Cruz neighborhood, you take the start of the Rio-Santos (BR-101), just after a military police. Creek is just over 1 hour’s entry into the BR-101.

For those out of the South Zone, mainly from Barra, Jacarepagua, Leblon,

Gávea and surroundings, you can choose the way to Santa Cruz rather than take Av. Brazil. Go to the end of Av. Das Americas, the Barra da Tijuca. You go up and down the mountain of the sea, will undergo a clover to Campo Grande where there is a medical care of “Asphalt Angels” (go straight) and after passing by in Santa Cruz (continue straight on the main road) you will reach must at Av. Brazil, Rio direction.

Take the first return and just after a military police you will arrive at Clover BR-101, up to the right. On the way you will pass Angra Itacuruçá, Muriqui, Mangaratiba, Conceição do Jacareí, Jacuecanga, and many other districts and cities. Passing by the imposing Shipyard Brasfels in Jacuecanga there are only 15 minutes to the clover

By bus

São Paulo> Angra dos Reis
Reunidas Paulista : Sao Paulo> Angra dos Reis
Tel: (11) 622-8811 – Bus Terminal Tiete
Departures: Daily at 8 am, 12h15m, 16h, 21h30m
Travel time to Angra dos Reis: 6 hours

Rio de Janeiro> Angra dos Reis

Costa Verde road : Rio> Angra dos Reis
Tel: (21) 2233-3809 – Rodviário New River Terminal
Departures: Daily, hourly.
Travel time to Angra dos Reis: 2h45m

Getting to the Pousada Bem Natural?

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Fast boats

Flexboat Natiga – Phone: (24) 99922-8918 )

Rogério – Phone (24) 99812-8374


Filadéilfia, Nei Master – Phone: (24) 9968-8498
Maracutaia, Gilvan Master – Phone: (24) 99825-0397
Jean Costa, Nildo Master – Phone: (24) 99943-7306

Address: Praia de Araçatiba, Angra Dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Phone: +5524993030376

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