The 50 trails for Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing: 50 trails to feel nature” (Alhenamedia) is the new book coordinated by Alex Gesse, Executive Director of FTI and of Instituto de Baños de Bosque, along with Gorka Altuna -Degree in Forestry Engineering, technician at the Union of Silviculturists of Southern Europe (USSE) and FTI’s advisor-, and co-written with Forest Bathing Guides and Forest Therapy Practitioners from FTI and the Instituto de Baños de Bosque.

They present 50 routes in the middle of nature, from Basque Country to Canary Islands, selected with utmost care by these professionals that opened their home’s door: the forests in which they work. “Is a nature-based practice that seeks sensory connection with the environment in which it takes place, in this case in the forest, but also city parks, and in short distances”, said Alex to the spanish national newspaper El País

Shirley Gleeson, Executive Director of FTI, has been a Greencare advisor on this book, which was also possible thanks to the support of public institutions and their technicians on Preservation levels of Wild Areas, as Barcelona’s Council or Fundación Patrimonio Natural (Natural Heritage Foundation), among others. 

Not only a scientific and professional basis for nature-based wellbeing practices but also a close encounter with each Forest Bathing Guide, as they have spent hours exploring and feeling with their five senses a place where they guide people into the fascinating experience of Forest Bathing. Available since september.

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