Prescribing Nature: a collaboration between DKV and Forest Therapy Institute 

Forest Therapy Institute has made one of his big dreams come true: creating solutions in collaboration with organizations in the Health sector for the restoration of people’s health and wellbeing through nature. Professional Guides trained by FTI in nature-based health and wellness techniques have collaborated with DKV Group, one of the biggest health insurance companies in Spain (more than one million clients and serving about two million), so people have healthy pathways and FTI’s Certified Forest Bathing Guides in natural environments to guide them throughout Spain.

FTI has been a mediator with DKV proposing specific activities in nature through dozens of routes in the diverse spanish natural landscapes, so that those who want to boost their well-being through contact with nature have at their disposal trails well known by FTI Guides.

There are dozens of Forest Bathing trails that citizens can take advantage of, not only as tourists, but with guidelines about the landscape’s highlights and suggestions from the guides on how to improve their health and well-being.

Alex Gesse and Shirley Gleeson, Executive Directors in FTI, celebrated the collaboration with DKV: “It is a pleasure for FTI to work with Health Professionals, especially organizations of the size and commitment to well-being and nature such as DKV. This is one of the biggest dreams of FTI. We are also happy for the great collaboration of most of the guides in Spain who were trained with us and will now be able to guide more people thanks to DKV ”.

DKV carries out the innovative and committed Healthy Nature project (Naturaleza Saludable), which identifies suitable trails to immerse in the forests of Spain. The insurance company has understood the value of Forest Bathing for the entire Health System, as well as for each person who practices it. By immersing and being in contact with nature, the immune system is strengthened, in addition to many other physical and psychological benefits. Furthermore, DKV is one of the few institutions in the field that carries out scientific studies on the effects of nature on people’s health, and has become a pioneer in defending well-being linked to the environment.

The latest report is the DKV Health and Environment Observatory: Prescribing Nature (Observatorio DKV de Salud y Medio Ambiente: Prescribir Naturaleza). Regarding nature prescription, DKV highlights the joint project and the one that Forest Therapy Institute, as a  governments and institutions consultant has already celebrated with the Chilean government and CONAF, responsible for National Parks, as well as other projects carried out by other organizations in different countries -“Branching Out” of the Scottish Government, “ParkRX” in the USA and the project “Healthy Parks Healthy People” of Australia’s Government-.

FTI has also collaborated with DKV in developing  The 10 activities to carry out in a Forest Bathing, to help strengthen the relationship between health and green spaces, according to clear scientific evidence found so far. This pioneering initiative by DKV in partnership with FTI supports not only the health of people but also the natural environment. In a few weeks new Forest Bathing routes will be added.

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