International Forest Therapy IV Congress

After participating in the III Congress of the International Forest Therapy, the FTI, in collaboration with INature, will organize the International Forest Therapy IV Congress, which will be held from October 28 to 31 at Luso in Portugal, the FTI headquarters.

The conference will feature international professionals who will discuss the status of the latest research in Health and Forests, as well as concrete examples of projects that are being currently implemented. The Congress themes are as follows:

  • Forest Bathing and health promotion
  • Forest Therapy as a physical or mental health intervention for specific populations.
  • Case examples of applied health, wellbeing, and ecotourism practices in forest.
  • Green Jobs on the Forestry Sector.
  • The value of forests as a resource for society’s health and wellbeing.
  • Green Prescription. .

Throughout these months, the FTI will carry out an extensive program of promotion and contacts with organizations and institutions to enrich and enhance the scope and impact of the congress.

Also during the next months, the progress and programme of the congress will be communicated. If you wish to receive updated information subscribe here for the FTI newsletter.


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