FTI and Chile launch a Selfguide for Foresth Bathing in Protected Wild Areas 

FTI is proud to be part of a new accomplishment for Forest Bathing practice in reaching even more people who may need and enjoy it to improve their health and wellbeing.

After a few months of close relationship with FTI, including a Colaboration Protocol and an successful First Iberoamerican Congress on Nature-based Health and Wellbeing Practices, Forests National Corporation of Chile (CONAF) launched a Self Guide for Forest Bathing that provides handful simple guidelines for restoring health through this practice.

Protected Wild Areas Department from CONAF appreciated FTI’s support for launching the Forest Bathing Self Guide, in very special times for the field, when new scientific studies are showing and reinforcing the evidences of benefits of Forest Bathing as a powerful tool for people’s resilience.

The Iberoamerican Institute of Forest Bathing, depending on FTI and codirected by Alex Gesse and Claudio Vásquez, has celebrated many forest walks for authorities and specific participants to spread the practice in Chile in particular, and in the region in general. In fact, a second Forest Guide Training in Chile will be given this november, for students from all South America.

Shirley Gleeson and Alex Gesse, executive directors of Forest Theraphy Institute, expressed that the CONAF’s Forest Bathing Self Guide is an effective tool for people to discover connection in nature through their senses for healthy benefits to their life.

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