FTI’s 2nd Summit for groundbreaking nature-based practices and projects

Forest Therapy Institute celebrated the 2nd Forest and Nature Based Health & Well-being Practices Summit this June, in a four day Congress that boosted the networking and partnerships among Nature Connection, Nature and Mental Health and Forest and Wellbeing Practices. 

FTI is also delighted for having raised more than 3000 euros from the entries of the summit that will all be donated to local environmental charities. The speakers from more than 20 countries addressed issues of mental health, expressive arts, nature adventure, forest therapy, psychiatry, psychology, social work, business, coaching, ecotherapy and more. 

Regarding FTI, the Summit reinforced the awareness of different international nature based practices which are having a positive impact on both people’s lives and natural landscapes. Groundbreaking projects exposed by professionals from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, UK, USA and Spain turned out to be a strong breath of fresh air to the field. 

A few technical problems during the Summit were patiently understood by the attendants and rapidly solved by FTI, so as long as we are concerned this made the Summit operate as a forest itself: each individual supporting both one another and the whole at the same time. 

In order to assess the challenges, opportunities and skills in the area of nature based practices, FTI developed a short survey  whose results  will be disseminated in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

The huge support to the Summit will not only translate in scientific results but also will reassess the most needed motto to these special times: connecting one’s inner compass to the forests’.

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