The Forest Therapy Institute (FTI) is a group of collaborating professionals from different countries who have joined together to create innovative and unique Forest Bathing, Forest Therapy and Forest & Nature-Based Health and Wellness Programmes. The team has set up FTI:

To meet the urgent need for supported nature connection so people can avail of free and accessible health restoration and generate a desire for nature conservation.

To offer international training and integrative support - based on the latest research - adapted to each culture, language, land and history.

To establish a strong international network of guides, aiming at cultural interchange, sharing and support.

To promote Forest & Nature-Based Health and Wellness Programmes as sustainable ecosystem services to benefit both the planet and its population.


A unique mix of individual backgrounds work together to provide the FTI with the skills needed to train, support and develop Forest Bathing, Forest Therapy and Forest & Nature-Based practices all over the world.

>> To prepare Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy guides to work in the areas of ecowellness, ecotourism, lifestyle/preventative medicine, research and clinical treatment.

>> To utilise the international evidence base to develop state of the art Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy programmes and interventions.

>> FTI aims to continuously achieve high standards of professional practice by developing and promoting continuous professional development (CPD).

The FTI team comprises individuals from a variety of professional backgrounds and cultures. FTI training is currently delivered in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and German.

We have established localised organizations operating within our individual countries that operate under the umbrella organization FTI. It is with deep gratitude to the forests and the natural world, as well as to all those who have gone before us, our friends, guides, trainers and collaborating specialists all over the world, that we now share our work and vision with you.

Instituto iberoamericano de forest therapy
European Forest Institute
NorthAmerica Forest therapy institute
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