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Certified Forest Bathing Guide Training

The Certified Forest Bathing Guide Training is suitable for people working in the area of ecotourism or health tourism. It is suitable for those who wish to offer Forest Bathing as a wellness practice, Spa activity or in combination with other wellness practices such as yoga, mindfulness and coaching, among others.

 The Forest Bathing Training establishes a strong base for the those who wish to attend the CPD in Forest Therapy for treatment, intervention and reabilitation.

The Forest Therapy institute 5x5-model training is inspired by our love for the land, the richness of our  specific ancient traditions, cultures and our specific social and environmental context. All programmes are adapted to the specific culture and environmental context where the training take place.

Based on a scientific supported framework and the latest international research, at the FTI Forest Bathing 5x5-model training you will:

  • Enhance your awareness of your relationship with nature that supports your healing, meaning and purpose.
  • Equip you with a specific framework to guide forest bathing walks and experiences.
  • Provide you with a tool kit to integrate Forest Bathing wellness practice into the health care system;
  • Integrating new skills to develop your life and career path.

We offer trainings and programmes that are unique, up to date and in the lead.

By choosing to train with us you´ll receive:

  • 1
    High Quality Professional trainings that are more financially feasible.
  • 2
    Training, guidance and mentoring adapted to each culture and in your own language.
  • 3
    Following a certificate training, we offer a variety of programmes, workshops and mentoring possibilities to aid your personal immersion and skills development.
  • 4
    Programmes and mentored coaching with specific focus areas; market demand, business development, integration in health care, as well as interventions for different clients; workplaces, health care, wellness integration and other.
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