What is the price for the Forest Bathing Training?

Once I have applied on the website for a programme, what are the next steps?

Can I ​ask for an instalments plan?

If I apply for both programmes, Certified Forest Bathing Training and the CPD on Forest Therapy, should I pay two deposits?

If I get sick or at the last moment I have an unforeseen event that doesn't allow me to come to the training, do you reimburse me for the cost of the training?

If I have applied for the Forest Bathing Programme, could I move to the Forest Therapy Training?

If I enroll in both programs, later, can I switch the country where I will attend the Forest Therapy CPD?

I do not speak one of the languages outlined. Could I attend the training?

I have already been trained in nature connection practices. Can I integrate it with the 5x5-model?

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