Tourist Destinations & SPA Certification

Forest Bathing or the art of Shinrin-Yoku, is one of the latest health trends and well-being practises, most suited for tourist destinations, natural parks, spas or hotels. With the growth of health tourism and ecowellness practices, several high-profile destinations are embracing Forest Bathing/Forest Therapy wellness retreats. Forest Bathing is medicine for both the mind and body, offering stress reducing and immune boosting benefits.

FTI offers expertise and an established method for certification and Forest Bathing Wellness Guide training for staff. We also advise on trail designation, making the most of your green space. FTI offers bespoke training packages tailored to the needs of your organization.

Forest Bathing experiences may be adjusted to the location and natural surroundings, offered individually or in groups and easily combined with other preferred treatments.

This training is for those who wish to offer their clients, visitors or users the unique experience of Forest Bathing. Please contact us for an individually tailored and high-end Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy programmes for your business or tourist destination.

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