Using our expert knowledge and international experience, we have designed a specific professional training programme for touristic destinations, natural parks, hotels and spas teams. 

Do you want to train your team and develop new nature-based wellness services?

Below are the key aspects of our Nature & Forest Bathing Destination Certification Programme approach.

  • Groups will be small to optimise learning and skills development 
  • A variety of teaching and facilitation methods will be used throughout the training, which includes: case studies, presentations and small group discussions.
  • In the following months after training, follow-up calls will be made to offer support in the practical application and offer advise with any challanges that may arise.
  • The training will be a mix of indoor classroom sessions and outdoor experential forest bathing sessions.

Find a Certified Nature & Forest Bathing Destination on the map or using the searcher below the map.

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