Can you imagine being able to hear the whole world’s forest sounds?

Isn’t it great to go to the forest and just sit under the trees to hear its music? Can you imagine being able to hear the whole world’s forest sounds? Like choosing any woodland in the map and travel along to its very own soundscape… Well, that’s not only possible but also a very special invitation. 

Our good friends of the National Forest in UK have launched Sounds of the Forest, a new mass participation audio project to collect the sounds of woodlands from all around the world. 

Timber Festival, the three day celebration that connects to trees and nature through music, art and ideas had to be postponed this year due to the coronavirus outbreak, but the first weekend of this July will be releasing, along with our National Forest fellows, the world’s First Forest Soundmap.

The call has been made: you can go to your favorite woods and recharge under the trees while recording one minute of mother nature’s “music”. There’s a simple form to fill in, while uploading your one minute forest sound file. Some soothing wonderful samples are already detailed in

Forest Therapy Institute is glad to invite you to participate and help create this invaluable National Forest’s free open source library of forest sounds, as a health and wellbeing tool for mankind. 

Amidst these strange times, we can still gather round the landscapes in all their aural beauty by collecting tones and textures from the world’s woodlands, so people can come together in the virtual canopy. 

Everyone who can safely enjoy their favorite natural forest sound is able to send the file. The soundmap will be out next month, when the postponed Timber Festival would have taken place. 

In the middle of one of the hardest times to test our human capability to build good lasting things together, the world’s First Forest Soundmap is on. We can even have a date in our favorite woods when the map is released. See you there!

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