The forest and the human: A retrospective

Let’s stop to think for a moment. What is the relationship we have with the forest? Not as individual people, but as humans. Certainly, in the current times we’re living, where there is not a single day in which the news do not warn us about the serious deterioration of the natural environment caused by human action. Alerts as serious …

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Restorative Landscape Sounds: listening nature

When it is time to create restaurative experiences for health and wellness, we have not only to work with the tools that the natural surrounding gives us, but also with the interaction with the sensory inputs it creates. It is not about focusing, but about stimulating and potentializing the effects of what is surrounding us through the senses. Exploring and …

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“In a European perspective”: Experiences during a guide training

In a European perspective, a place like the Valdivian Temperate Rainforest is overwhelming. It is difficult to find suitable words. During the training that took place in the first week of November at Oncol Park, I was able to personally visit it and experience a place from another time. Of what little remains of a distant past. To enter the …

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Beautiful and simple

The simplicity and the beauty of this project call me back to my earliest memories in nature. “In my particular case, the first memories I have of being in a non-urban environment, where in my grandfather’s small garden; we spent long mornings and afternoons in that orchard. I do not remember at what age I started. We used to plough and …

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